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Los Angeles Based Contractor on Home Improvement Show

Business Overview:

For Sale, Los Angeles Based Contractor on Home Improvement Show (High Ratings!)

The principal has readied the Company for market share accumulation with investments in all forms of operational fixed and movable hard assets (new trucks, field equipment, to name just a fraction of the myriad of investments into the firm).

Over 83% of 2016 Revenue was from reoccurring clients – this is a rock-solid acquisition which stays busy throughout the year!

To take the Company to the next level and generate eight-figure sales revenues, however, would require additional equity (sweat! along with capital) to expand beyond the current satisfied client base within Southern California.

Convert on all the retail customer leads the Company receives from regular recurring appearances on TV.

With a strategic acquirer, or quite frankly a hands-off but supportive capital partner the Company can continue this 8-figure growth path with the support of the Owner as he would maintain his television presence, (or would be happy to segue that responsibility to someone on the Buyer’s team that had a knack for that kind of work).

There is deep-seeded pride by the Owner and key staff in the evolution of the Company from a single vehicle to the sophisticated financial engine of today.

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