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Medical Device Company for Sale – Irvine, CA

Medical Device Co. 4 Patents – $180 Billion Arthritis / Pain Mgmt Ind.

Irvine, California

This business opportunity is ideal for all forward thinking/patient advocate type acquirers interested in far less invasive and far less expensive alternative, therapeutic modalities for the successful treatment of joint pain, trauma and disease.


Osteoarthritis (OA) is the #1 disability worldwide. There is no cure for osteoarthritis, where Stage III – IV (moderate to severe/bone on bone) OA patients are traditionally treated by means of a highly invasive total joint replacement (TJR). Over 1 Million TJR’s are performed annually in the US. Age, weight, heredity and trauma are contributing factors to the onslaught and progression of the OA disease process, and the expansion of the aging and overweight populations in the US is well documented.


Today’s informed patients, both old and not so old, are constantly seeking out best practices and procedures that minimize evasiveness, surgically induced trauma, and risk of hospital borne infection while also providing a superior outcome to get them active and training again for marathons OR just the ability to walk and get around again under their own power without the need of a cane or scooter.


There is a safe, simple, highly efficacious procedure that results in clinically significant pain reduction, improved performance and superior patient outcomes eliminating the need for highly invasive joint surgery and extended rehabilitation. Over 5,500 procedures have been performed to date with only a small number of practitioners utilizing this patented, FDA approved device nationwide. There are countless testimonials and satisfied patients across all age ranges, activity levels and stages of joint degradation that have benefited from this office based procedure.


The science exists for this highly intuitive, simple and effective therapy, along with:

  • four (4) patents
  • FDA approval
  • published clinical papers
  • and two medical text chapters supporting the procedure



Entirely self funded to date, this Company has lacked sufficient funding to support viable ongoing business development and sales distribution channels.

The challenge is informing providers and patients that there are options available for superior outcomes without requiring major surgery, but going to trade shows, conducting cadaver specimen workshops and visiting physician practices to introduce this procedure and demonstrate the devices is extremely expensive and time intensive.


 Medical Device Procedure:

  • The procedure and innovative device IP provides the only comprehensive delivery system in existence that cleans the joint free of the debilitating toxins that facilitate the progressive OA disease cycle.
  • Dries the joint for superior adhesion of meds, biologic scaffolds and regenerative cellular therapy, and isolates the target area within the joint to implant the patient’s own regenerated stem cells.


Medical Device Company for Sale in California

Other Information

There is a rapidly expanding healthcare segment of Sports Medicine, Pain Management & Regenerative Medicine physician specialists that would employ this less invasive option as a precursor to, and alternative for joint replacement.

Corporate vision for extremely rapid growth and the highest, sustainable revenue/profitability per procedure includes ambulatory surgery center licensing and ownership, in conjunction with physician employees and direct to consumer advertising.

Proof of business model provides numerous competitive acquisition/partnership opportunities along with excellent, highly profitable exit strategies.

NDA is required for comprehensive PowerPoint and numerous other due diligence documents on file with Pronova Partners.

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Rick Carlson
Rick Carlson

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