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Find Comic Book Store for Sale in Los Angeles, CA

Looking for a lifestyle business in the Comic Book Industry? If so, this pick is for you!


Comic Book Store for Sale – Overview:

  • Annual sales and adjusted net income would be for a new owner operator who opened online presence and draws down on the tremendous amount of inventory in this store.
  • Current Seller is old school, no email, no cell phone, no point of sale, no inventory management, only 22 years of small business ownership and haggling skills, developing a fine eye for buying and selling all kinds of paraphernalia.
  • 2,700 square feet of space packed to the gills with comics, dvd’s, cd’s, records, movie posters, collectibles, back-issue magazines, movie cells, baseball cards, Star Wars gear, I mean you really have to see it to believe it. Too many “treasures” to list in one advertisement.
  • This is a lifestyle business, and the Seller has made this store his vehicle to a hard-earned retirement, investing all profits of the business year after year into acquiring better and better inventory as every day passes.
  • Last week he sold one box of comics for $12,000, and he’s got dozens and dozens of these kinds of boxes in his possession.
  • Perfect for internet savvy investor or ideally owner-operator who can market utilizing available channels like eBay and Comic websites etc… to leverage the existing inventory to provide a satisfactory return on investment.
  • Over $1,000,000 in replacement value inventory, or approximately 400,000 individual units according to Seller’s estimate.



Comic Book Store for Sale


Seller will take financing over 10 years at 0% interest for $1,250 per month as show of good faith and goodwill to making the deal.

NDA is required for exact business address.

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Rick Carlson
Rick Carlson

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